Check Back Soon As Our Coverage Is Growing Again!

We will be adding coverage in the northeast Columbia SC area to our network. Currently we are in the process of setting up the equipment and to have it online as soon as possible.

Below is a coverage map of our network and can change do to conditions and the type of radio used. Hand held radios will not get the full coverage shown on this map do to there limitations of power and antenna setup. We are also always looking for new opportunities to grow our coverage area.

CSRAGMRS New Coverage Map

We are also part of the linking network. This network system allows us to be able to link with repeaters located throughout the US. Check out the Link Status page to see the repeaters that are part of this repeater linking network.

We also have a vision for the future of our network and the areas we would like to cover. Below is part of that vision of where we would like to grow this network. Not to say that we would grow into other areas not shown on this map if we have the chance. Of course this is something that can not happen over night but over time anything is possible. With your membership and any financial donations you are able to give you can help make this vision come true. You can find the Donate button located on every page on the top right corner. If you happen to know of anyone in these areas that want to become part of this network let us know we would like to talk with them.