About Us

We are a GMRS network based out of Augusta GA. This repeater system first started as a family only GMRS system here in Augusta and has been in operation for many of years. Our first location was an antenna on a 20′ pole and a repeater running about 25 watts located in an outdoor shed. Coverage of this system was a few miles but that did not stop us. Soon we came across an opportunity to relocate the repeater on a 400′ tower and then our coverage increased greatly, around 40 miles. After being at this location a couple of years, the site ownership changed and the updates that the new owner was going to make was going to leave us without a location.

Fortunately we were able to come across another site and relocated our repeater that we started out with to the new location. After having to relocate the repeater to the new site a decision was then made to offer this repeater to others by membership only and from there we now have grown the system to cover more territory and looking to expand it even more as opportunities arise.

Soon after the move to our new site, we also upgraded our repeater and other components to be able to run the full power allowed and to help increase our coverage in the Augusta area. But coverage was not going to be limited just to the Augusta area any longer. We now have a repeater located in Gilbert SC that gives our members coverage to and around the Columbia SC area. Once we placed the repeater at this location we also incorporated linking technology that allows our repeaters to communicate with each other via the internet. We currently link our Augusta and Gilbert repeaters so our members can communicate between both areas at the same time.

Our network is a private system that does requires membership. All of the equipment needed to get this network up and running has been donated. Donations are always welcome and appreciated as it does take a lot of money and time by those who have committed there own resources to get and keep this network up and running.

CSRAGMRS is a Not-For-Profit organization