Rules and Use

-How To Use Our System-

We have decided to have our members use Unit ID numbers. This will make it easier to just have to remember a couple of numbers instead of the other members FCC GMRS call sign. Every member using our network will be given a Unit ID and should use their Unit ID to call or respond to another member. Unit ID’s do not replace your FCC GMRS call sign but to be used together. Unit ID’s will be assigned once a completed and approved request has been granted and membership dues received. You can do this by going to our sign up page and submit your information.

If your conversation goes beyond 15 minutes, it is the members responsibility to give their FCC GMRS call sign and their assigned Unit number every 15 minutes and when communication has ended.

Ex: Unit calling another Unit –
(FCC GMRS call sign) Unit ID to Unit ID
Party that is being called will answer – (FCC GMRS call sign) Unit ID

Membership Yearly Dues –
Single User ID – $30.00 per year (one ID issued)
Family User ID’s – $40.00 per year (includes four user ID’s)
Additional User ID – $5.00 per year per user
*Please note that membership dues are not refundable and will need to be renewed every year to continue use of the network.

-Now For Some Rules-

*No profanity will be allowed. Our system is designed for family use so be polite because you never know who is listening and it’s the law.
*We will not allow constant “keying up” into the repeaters. This is unnecessary as it is keying multiple repeaters on the network for no reason. If you need to test your radio just ask for a radio check and see if there is someone monitoring to reply.
*You must use your assigned ID when using the network along with your FCC GMRS license number.
*You are required to follow the rules and regulations as outlined on the website pertaining to the use of GMRS frequencies. It is the members responsibility to read over them and know what they are.

-Terms and Notice-

*Members are not allowed to give out information about this network to non members such as PL tones or any other confidential information relating to repeater/network operations.
*Use of our RoIP system is only granted to active members. Excessive use of the RoIP system will not be allowed as it is to be used only for out of coverage and emergencies.
*No guarantee will be offered as to the operation of any repeater(s) on its up-time and its location as repeater(s), any or all, can be removed from the network at any time and no refund on membership dues shall be made.
*Administrators of this network can decide if a member or a family member be removed at there discretion do to member or family member violating rules of this network and no refund of membership dues shall be made.
*By paying your membership dues constitutes your acceptance of these terms and any updates to these terms on this site. It is the responsibility of the member(s) to periodically check the website to keep up to date on all terms as they can be updated at anytime as needed.

Should any member abuse/misuse any rules as outlined above or by the FCC, you and any family members under your license will lose privileges to use this system. You will be required to cease and desist any further use of repeater(s)/network at the time of notice shall it be verbal or written.